Microsoft Word has been enhanced to adapt to new ways of working: online and collaborative. Download now and enjoy its many benefits. Updated at: 2019-04-23

Share and collaborate

Microsoft Word is designed for teamwork, thereby sharing a document with colleagues to discuss, edit and create text together but where the administrator can monitor the changes and undo whatever it takes.

Simple and easy

Microsoft Word is the most popular text processor of the world for two reasons: it is simple and it is easy to use. Writing in Word is very simple: just select a default text design and begin drafting or go changing styles or titles and paragraphs as it is completing the written idea. Now you can even edit documents under PDF format like a native Word file.

Professional and elegant

Microsoft Word includes options, tools and settings to achieve a good professional and elegant text because people not only care about the content but also the presentation. In addition to the traditional tool WordArt, there are advanced manipulation and layout options about the distribution of text, and multimedia elements are allowed. Achieve a professional and elegant document easily.